Why you should always offer an online option

offer an online option


There are numerous times throughout the year where parents and organizers find themselves in the position of  ‘the money guy.’ Plenty of times it is for a small collection, your child’s team uniform and team gear, or a classroom/grade level project. Other times it ends up being large and the goal is to get as much sold or collected as possible. For both occasions, you need to add an online option.

Why? The old way has worked for years, why change it? It’s easy to see why you want to create a PopUp for a large sale. But why would you do it for a smaller one?

1. You are removing barriers.

A few years ago I was the one in charge of team orders. Most parents were kind and fairly on top of it, but I was still having to walk around with an envelope and checklist. Handwriting what everyone was ordering on a bumpy bleacher and accepting personal checks, cash, and the occasional…’ Do you have PayPal/Zelle/whatever-else-there-is-to-transfer-money?’

Each one of these is a barrier and a total time suck for me. I had to be at every practice and focus on families that hadn’t paid. By the time it was done, I financially fronted some of the jerseys for the late payers.

When you place it on a PopUp the work is done for you. The barriers of having a checkbook or cash are gone. As well as saving precious time. This leads us to the second reason why you should always offer an online option.

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offer an online option

2. Easy to Share and Act

When the PopUp is done, share it. Email it out, text the link, post it in your Facebook group, or even create and add a QR code to paper fliers. Whatever way you choose, you will save time.

Sharing is probably the easiest time-saver, but the best part of offering an online option is how much faster a person can act on it. Countless times I have been told about a school activity. Or my children have brought home a flier and it just gets thrown in the pile to be forgotten about. The instant I get an email or text, I find that I immediately go to the link and finish the task.

Having an online option allows people who are already on their phone or computer to get it done and feel accomplished without having to find the checkbook or cash, find a pen to fill out a form, and then remember to send it with their 7 year old hoping the order will get there. (Yes, I’ve been there. I have found lost checks at the bottom of my son’s backpack months later.)

Get your PopUp published and out there in minutes!

3. Broadening your Audience

The moment you offer an online option your audience can expand. If your goal is to raise money or reach out to more than just a select few, you need to offer an online option! I have seen first hand how taking a standard yearly fundraiser or sale and decided to add a way to sell online has DOUBLED the money raised! DOUBLED!!!

Why? Well, a big reason is because of what we talked about above, being able to act and share. Which leads directly to broadening your audience. The moment you offer an online option, parents are able to share with others easily, allowing your PopUp to expand to others you never even thought about approaching or sharing the PopUp with. Grandma and Grandpa might want the team swag too!

I’ve seen a PopUp that was expected to only make a few hundred dollars end up making close to $10,000 all because of how far their PopUp reached. What she thought would just be a few coworkers buying ended up being coworkers and their extended families. What an amazing surprise!

When you offer an online option you are opening the doors to more possibilities and saving yourself time and headaches at the same time. With PopUp Funds, we have worked hard on making it quick and simple so you can get on with the rest of your to-do list.



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