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Our schools locker decoration fundraiser has been simplified so much through Popup Funds. We used to spend so much time chasing down people for payments when we accepted cash & check. Now everyone pays online. All the info and payment is in one simple & easy to use place. Our volunteers spend less time on administration, which makes them very happy!!

Michele Thornton

PopUp Funds made my life easy when I hosted a crafting party. Guests were able to register for the event and pay before attending, and I was able to have the right quantity of supplies in advance. The look of my event through PopUp Funds website was very professional, and the dashboard was very easy to navigate. I also loved that I could easily share the event through social media! I would highly recommend PopUp Funds for anyone hosting an event where people need to pre-pay.

Upright and Caffeinated

Pop up Funds simplified our accounting process & saved hours of work time! We were able to combine our t-shirt order with annual dues + received payments 75% faster and more efficiently than last year!