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Spreadsheets and Deleting a PopUp

Sometimes you may feel like you need to clean up your dashboard. Other times you may need to take your PopUp information and share it with others or print out the information. We have now added both of these features.


Both of these features are found in your dashboard within each PopUp.

Please keep in mind, when you delete a PopUp, you are deleting EVERYTHING that is attached to the PopUp. Emails, a record of your orders, items, customer information. Once you remove the PopUp there is no way to get it back. Be sure that you really want to remove it.

If you still have money attached to the PopUp that you have not withdrawn, it will still be in your Stripe account. There will be no record on PopUp Funds of how you acquired that money, just that there is money in your Stripe account.

When you click on Generate Spreadsheet, a file will be downloaded to your computer for you to open. From there you can edit the spreadsheet to fit your needs.  We included a lot of information to make sure you would have everything you may need.

Want to see this how-to in action? Click on over to our How-To page for the video and more.

Is there a feature you would like to see added to PopUp Funds? Let us know. We are building this platform for you.