Creating your First PopUp

Creating your first PopUp and being able to sell online without creating a storefront takes just a few steps. Below is an outline of each step and a simple explanation. Along the way, there are links to articles that give more in-depth details. If you prefer videos, we also have a How-To section showing how to set up your first PopUp and PopUp Funds account.

Creating your First PopUp


Choosing a PopUp Name is important. It lets your buyers know exactly what the PopUp is for. You can also have a little fun with it and make it pop.

Next, the PopUp Description field is for all of the important information that you need your buyers to know. The types of information can include:

  • The purpose of the PopUp.
  • Beginning and ending dates of the PopUp, if necessary.
  • If the buyer needs to add additional information in the comments section at checkout.

The more important the information, the more you need to make it stand out. Make sure to use different font sizes and colors to get your message across.

Article: Improving your PopUp Description 

Adding Items, Options, and Setting Up Inventory

Adding an Item is where you place your picture, price, and description of each item you are trying to sell.

If your item has different variations, such as color or size, you can add each variation option in the Add Option section. Simply click on the “+ Add Option” button, and you will be given a spot to enter each variation. The amount of options is unlimited.  However, be aware that each option must be the same price, as the price does not change based on the option selected. If the item has another price, you will need to create another item.

When you create your PopUp, each item is automatically set to an unlimited number available. If you need to set the quantity and limit the amount that can be sold, turn on the Quantity feature. From there you can set the amount of each item option.

Creating the ability for add-ons (personalization, or shipping) is done by adding another item with the additional price difference.

Article: How to add-on to your PopUp

Once you’ve completed your first item, you can easily add more items by clicking on Add Another Item below the existing item(s). You can also delete any items you have created if you change your mind by clicking the Remove this Item button.

Inserting an Image

Having a clear and informative image with each item is important. You can insert an image for each item by either clicking on the image area and selecting an image from your computer. Or, you can drag and drop an image. Make sure to choose an image that accurately portrays what you are selling or collecting for. However, images are not required for the PopUp to work.

(Helpful Hint: If you are collecting for an event or school fundraiser where you don’t have a physical item to sell, you might consider using a team logo or photo of last year’s event.) You can also use stock photos from Unsplash if you don’t have a good image to use.

Extra Features

At the bottom of your PopUp setup, we have added a spot for some extra features allowing you to customize each PopUp.

Allowing buyers to leave a comment while they are checking out, lets the buyers give you any vital information you may need. Many times you may need the name of where to deliver to or a different address. The buyer can give you this information at checkout in the space given.

The PopUp description you wrote a the beginning will also be seen on the checkout page. Any directions given for the comment section can be seen at checkout.

The Pass-through Fees feature is a way to have your buyer pay the PopUp fees. This allows you to earn the exact amount you are selling the item for.

Article: Using the Pass-through feature

The Note to Your Buyers area is a chance to thank your buyer for their purchase and to provide any additional information that might be needed. It is displayed on the purchase confirmation page and on their emailed receipt. A few examples of buyer notes might be:

  • Detailed instructions about delivery.
  • More personal information that is only for people who have purchased.
  • Confirming whether the purchase was a donation for a non-profit.

In addition, a great way to get more detailed information from buyers is to include a form with your Note to the buyer. That way they can fill out any information needed after they have already paid.

Article: How to incorporate Google Forms into your PopUp

When you finish your note to buyers, click on Preview to see what your PopUp will look like. If you need to make changes, click on Modify and edit.

* The note to your buyers is not seen on the preview PopUp; it is included in the receipt and email after purchase.

Thank You Page

Here is an example of what the Thank You page will look like.  I wanted to give you a peek at what your buyer will see once they have successfully checked out. Note to Your Buyer is at the top with any information you wanted to share. Followed by the buyer’s personal information and a detailed receipt. Included in the Order Summary is the buyer’s comment. A version of this will also be emailed to the buyer for their records.

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