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We've written articles to help you create an effective PopUp. Read the articles below to learn lots of different ways you can use PopUp Funds. You will also get ideas about how to share your PopUp, tools you can use to promote it, and make it a huge success.

Tips to Make it POP!

We love it when our sellers are successful. That's why we want to help you in your success. Below you'll get tips on how to create the best images of products, improve descriptions, incorporate sign-ups for future promotions, and more.

Ways to Use PopUp Funds

Our sellers are discovering new ways to use PopUp Funds every day. Creative folks use PopUp Funds to sell crafts online, parent teacher organizations use it to collect for school participation fees, and communities are using it for fundraising events.

Whatever you decide to use PopUp Funds for, we've assembled lots of great ideas you can take advantage.

Michele T

Our schools locker decoration fundraiser has been simplified so much through Popup Funds. We used to spend so much time chasing down people for payments. Now everyone pays online. All the info and payment is in one simple & easy to use place.

— Michele

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Create Your PopUp Today!