What does it cost to use PopUp Funds?


No cost to set up. No monthly subscription fee. Only pay when you collect.

Simple PopUp Shops | PopUp Funds Online SalesIt can be expensive to set up a website on your own or hire developers, and pay hosting and other fees—all before you make the first sale. We get it, and this is why we created PopUp Funds! Unlike other online sales platforms, it doesn't cost anything to set up your PopUp shop and give it a try. There is no monthly subscription fee, and you only pay when you collect.

Through personal experience (and, if we're being honest, a little frustration) we thought of everything. Our platform wasn't built for large corporations. We built it for people like you and people like us. Schools, moms, social clubs, nonprofits and more use PopUp Funds to collect funds or sell products/items online.

So, what does it cost to use PopUp Funds? Just a small fraction of your PopUp sale price. Set up is free. When you have a purchase or collect funds, 5% pays for your use of the platform and 2.9% (plus $.045 per transaction) is collected for payment processing. That's it. Just a total of 7.9% (plus $.045 per transaction).

As the creator of the PopUp, you can decide if you would like to take on the cost yourself and include fees in your price or pass-through the fees to your buyer. If you choose to include fees in your price, buyers won’t know the price is increased and it pays for itself. You won't have to worry about making the payments, because we subtract the amount directly from your purchases and send you the balance. Life is all about convenience, and in our experience, buyers usually don’t have an issue paying a little more to make sure they can mark another task off their to-do list!

PopUp Funds



Payment Processing


+ $0.45 per transaction



+ $0.45 per transaction

Creating a PopUp allows you to reach people who might forget to donate or buy items. When you are able to capture more people, you make more money! We have seen PopUps help groups double their sales from the previous year just because there was an easy, affordable way to pay online.

We not only created an easy-to-use tool for collecting funds and selling online, but we also share creative ideas for how you can use PopUp Funds, as well as helpful hints for how to make the most of your PopUp. Check out our blog if you haven't already or sign up for our newsletter and keep up-to-date with all the latest and greatest features.


We even show you how to save on the payment processing if you wish by passing it along to your customers. Read how.