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How to include shipping and gift wrapping

Have you created your PopUp but want to include shipping and gift wrapping? Here’s how.


Adding gift wrapping ability to you PopUp

With PopUp Funds anything you need to collect money for can be added as an additional item. It is added here and instructions are given to the buyer on what information needs to be added in the comments section at checkout.

Are you a gift wrapping guru? Make sure to include a picture of what it will look like so that buyers understand the benefit of purchasing the gift wrapping option.


Adding shipping option to PopUp


Shipping can also be included as an additional item. For this PopUp, I looked at to see what a flat rate box for the size of my items would cost. I then added a little to it to cover tape, tissue paper and the time it would take. Buyers can also purchase shipping multiple times to allow for shipping to multiple places.

Need help with your PopUp Funds dashboard? Check out this post explaining it. 

Take a look at our How-to video page for more tips and tricks. 


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