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Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to try and save a little bit of that precious time you have.

How can PopUp Funds save you time? I’m glad you asked…



Large family or friend get togethers

When the holidays arrive, it is a chance for people to get together and see each other. Are you the one in charge and need to make sure that Cousin Jerry actually pays his share this year instead of, “Oh didn’t I pay you? I’m sure I did!” ┬áSend a PopUp and get notified when people pay and they get a receipt. Easily showing when someone has or has not paid.

Selling your craft to pay for the holidays without starting a full time business

You love to make seasonal stuff but only want to make a batch and not turn your love into a full time gig. Make it easy, announce on social media that you are making your special something, collect your orders and then make and deliver them. DONE.

Holiday fundraisers

There are lots of great reasons to raise money over the winter months. Most people doing these good deeds aren’t attached to a big name foundations and don’t have a great way to collect for their group. PopUp Funds can make it easier for your local group to collect what you need. People can ‘purchase’ the need and then your group can use the money collected to buy and distribute. Or, you can also ask for monetary donations as well.

If you are a non-profit, check out how to give you donors a receipt that they can use for tax records.


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