Fundraisers for Valentine’s Day

Raise money during Valentine's Day with Popup Funds.


After New Years’, we all get a much-needed breather for a few weeks before the spring season of activities and holidays startup. This is the perfect time to decide how your group can create fundraisers for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate and greeting card companies make money on the holiday, so why not capitalize on the holiday too?  We’ve got some fun ideas for what your youth group, sports team or organization can do to raise money during the Valentine’s Day season.

Candy Grams

Candy Grams are one of the most popular school fundraisers for Valentine’s Day. It’s such a simple idea, costs very little to organize, and it allows the kids to get involved. Another perk- it can bring in big bucks!

We have a great article giving you more detail on how you can start selling Candy Grams at your school. 

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Host a School Social

Middle school students love socials. It’s an opportunity for them to let loose and show their personalities outside of the classroom.

Houwzee has some great ideas on Valentine’s Day decorations. 

Themed Bake Sale

Bring parents together and organize a traditional bake sale featuring baked goods with a Valentine’s Day theme. Or, bring your back sale to the next level by teaming up with a local bakery. Collect preorders easily by creating a PopUp and then deliver to parents at school on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some delicious ideas: Dipped Pretzels, Chocolate covered Oreo pops, and white chocolate dipped Krispy treats.

Sell Floral Arrangements

Selling floral arrangements is another idea that is especially appealing to dads! Pre-sell floral arrangements to be delivered or picked up on Valentine’s day. Just like a bake sale, you can DIY the arrangements or team up with a local florist to help you. If you choose to go the DIY route, Trader Joe’s is a fantastic place to find pretty, affordable flowers, and they will let you preorder. Buy some mason jars from the local grocery store, have some talented moms help assemble one evening, and bam!  You have beautiful arrangements you can sell for $30 or more.

Flowers Magazine and Jaquelyn Clark have some creative ideas and tips on how to arrange flowers.

Looking for more ideas for Valentine’s Day fundraisers or to learn how PopUp Funds can help you raise or collect as much money as possible? We have lots of ideas to help!

Head on over to our Resources Page.

Raise money during Valentine's Day with Popup Funds.


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