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Why PopUp Funds?

There are many ways for you to sell and collect online. We are trying to give you a place where you can set up quickly and control many different PopUps at one time. No longer having to control accounts on multiple specialty websites.

We also do not have a ‘freemium’ product, requiring you to upgrade to a monthly subscription or pay a higher fee to get all of the best features. When we upgrade features, everyone gets to use them. Everyone has access to our best product.

Right now we are just starting out, new features will be coming out often. If we don’t have what you need now, email us and let us know. We are looking to build this platform for your needs.

How can I contact PopUp Funds if I have a question or issue?

For all inquiries please email us at

What are the fees?

PopUp collects a 5% platform fee. This helps us keep the site running and allows us to continually upgrade and add more features for everyone to enjoy. This fee is only collected from what you collect. We do not have a monthly subscription fee keeping you from cool selling features. You get everything we have for 5%.

There is also a standard credit card fee of 2.9% + .45 per transaction.

5% platform + 2.9% CC processing = 7.9% + .45 per transaction

How can I cover my fees?

The easiest way is to include the fees in your price. Your price will go up a tad but your buyer will never know they are covering the fees. A couple of minutes figuring out the price will save you lots of money later on. Convenience trumps fees and your buyers won’t blink at an item costing $1 more if it saves them time.

What if my buyer wants a refund?

On your dashboard, within the specific PopUp you will see a button next to the buyers name allowing for you to issue a refund. We will refund our 5% but processing fees CANNOT be refunded. All refunds are to be handled between the buyer and the owner of the PopUp. PopUp Funds does not issue refunds.

In order to refund, you must have money in your PopUp account. Refunds will not take place unless there is enough money in your PopUp account to cover the refund.

How do I withdraw money from my PopUp account?

You can withdraw money at anytime as long as you have funds. On the user dashboard, you will see the ‘Account Info’ tab. There you can see how much money is available, withdraw money and find the link to see your Stripe history. Your first payout may be pending for 7-10 days after your first successful payment is received. The first payment usually takes a little longer to establish your Stripe account. Subsequent payouts are then processed quicker.

Withdrawals will show pending immediately and can take 2-4 business days for the funds to show up in your bank account.  If you have to initiate a refund, you must have money left in your Stripe account to do so.

What can I sell?

Almost anything. This is your PopUp, be creative.

  • Handmade items
  • T-shirts and promotional products
  • Ticket sales
  • Fundraising collections and events
  • Sports and club equipment and events

What can’t I sell?

We ask that you use common sense when creating your PopUp. We reserve the right to suspend any PopUp and its seller if for any reason we find the items not acceptable.


  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Anything illegal
  • Pornography
  • Internationally regulated items
  • Items promoting violence
  • Highly regulated items
  • Animal products or human remains
  • Items that promote hate
  • Dangerous Items

Please see our terms of service for more information.

Who can see my PopUp?

We created PopUp to be a more personal way of selling. People will only know about it if you send them the link or promote it yourself on social media. We do not promote any sales on our homepage without permission.

You can not search for a sale on PopUps home page. This is to help insure that your item or event (ex. school movie night) is seen by the people you need it to be seen by and not people you don’t.

If you want the world to know about your PopUp, GREAT! You can promote it and send the link as much as you want.

While your PopUp is not searchable within PopUp Funds, search engines may still find it depending on how long your PopUp has been online.

Can you collect sales tax for me?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have a way for you to calculate sales tax and collect sales tax. Please speak with a tax consultant on what can be done. Many Sellers add the tax into the price. Collection and remittance of local and state taxes is your responsibility.

What about shipping?

As of now, we do not have a way for you to include or calculate shipping. We suggest you either add it into the cost of the item or add an extra item named “shipping fee”.

Why am I being asked to give more information when my PopUp has already been making money?

Security and safety is a top priority. Because of this, when your account collects a certain amount we need to reverify your account. These requirements are intended to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using complex company structures to hide terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

Typically you will be asked to give the last 4 digits of your SSN and some other standard information.

If you are a group or non-profit using a bank account attached to an organization you will still need to add your last 4 digit of SSN. This is to make sure that YOU are a legitimate person.


Credit Card Safety

Our site is encrypted using a SSL. Due to our payment system (Stripe) we never store your credit card information on our servers. They are held in a PCI compliant environment through Stripe.

Can I set up a PopUp for outside USA?

No. For now we are only in the USA. In the future we hope to be able to grow and include other countries.

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