PopUp Funds for Schools & Organizations

Class/group collections and fundraising all in one spot with no cost to set up.

Set Up Your Online PopUp Shop In Minutes


With PopUp Funds, you can raise and collect funds online without building a complicated online e-commerce shop. It's the perfect tool for busy parents, schools and churches, friend groups or organizations to sell crafts, host fundraisers, collect money for teams or clubs, or just about anything else.

PopUp Funds to Sell School Swag

How Can You Use PopUp Funds?

If you've ever been in charge of collecting for the class gift, grade level t-shirts, or even a school-wide event you know it can get overwhelming. PopUp Funds was created to save you time and make the task a little easier.

Switch Easily from Cash to Online

Erase the need of cash payment for everything. Place your sale online without creating a website. Help keep your group and community safe by moving your fundraising online and do your part to slow the spread of Covid-19.


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How to Raise & Collect Funds Online: Schools & Organizations

Fundraising ideas, how to easily collect for school events, classroom gifts and more. How to simplify and get it all done.

Schools and Organizations

Each group or class collects what they need

Collect money for the classroom, after-school club, and other group buys easily before placing the order. We also provide a spreadsheet to help you stay organized.

Local Fundraising

Broaden your fundraising ability by using local vendors and sharing online with those who may not normally see your fundraiser.

Ready to give PopUp Funds a try?

Why PopUp Funds?

  • It's Easy - simple to collect & raise funds online
  • It's Fast - setup in minutes
  • It's Versatile - manage all school, club, craft sales, and more from a single dashboard
  • Save money - no website hosting costs, no upfront fees, only pay when you have a transaction
  • It's Secure - transactions are safe and secure
  • You're in Control - you decide who sees your popup

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