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Tips for a Successful PopUp

By Lisa Tavares | March 14, 2022

Over the years we have seen many types of PopUps. Most have been wildly successful, smashing their goal. But some never take off and don’t realize their full potential. As it turns out, there is a formula to creating a successful PopUp. Create a simple and effective description Make it…

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Personal Pages for Group Fundraisers and Monetary Donations

By Lisa Tavares | June 10, 2021

  When fundraising season rolls around, a popular idea is to host a donation drive. Fun runs and swim-a-thons can be tied to donations, but groups often decide to skip the extra work and ask for monetary donations. Monetary donations are great because you aren’t trying to convince others to…

Socially Distant Fundraisers

By Lisa Tavares | January 27, 2021

  It is a new year and I think we are all ready to get back to regular life, whenever that may be. Typically during January, I take the time to regroup and figure out how spring will be scheduled. Part of the schedule this year is figuring out the…

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

By Lisa Tavares | January 3, 2021

  It’s a new year and time for more fundraising. Valentine’s Day is the perfect jump start for the year! Valentine Gram Steps Creating Valentine’s Day fundraiser for your school is a quick way to make a large amount of money. My children’s school raises close to $2,000 in just…

Quick Tips for a Fantastic PopUp - blog

Quick Tips for a Money Making PopUp

By Lisa Tavares | November 13, 2020

  I love to see all the new PopUps that are published and then follow along to see how they are going. I’m a cheerleader behind the scenes hoping you are able to accomplish your goal. That’s why it pains me when I see a simple mistake or two get…

offer an online option

Why you should always offer an online option

By Lisa Tavares | October 23, 2020

  There are numerous times throughout the year where parents and organizers find themselves in the position of  ‘the money guy.’ Plenty of times it is for a small collection, your child’s team uniform and team gear, or a classroom/grade level project. Other times it ends up being large and…

Pivot! Move your fundraiser online this year.

By Lisa Tavares | September 21, 2020

  Here we are, months into a life change and we are still figuring out how to keep our lives as normal as possible. While kids are going back to school, some virtually and others in person, lots of groups and booster clubs are hoping to push forward with their…

set up your popup inventory

Setting Up Inventory – Part 1

By Lisa Tavares | July 3, 2020

Our new Inventory feature is finally here! Now you can set the amount available for each item in your PopUp.  This is Part 1 of how to use the Inventory feature. Here we will look at how to set up inventory and what a live PopUp looks like. Part 2…

inventory dashboard

Inventory Dashboard – Part 2

By Lisa Tavares | July 3, 2020

Our new Inventory feature is finally here! Now you can set the amount available for each item in your PopUp.  This is Part 2 of how to use the inventory feature where we talk about your inventory dashboard. We will be looking at your PopUp dashboard and how to read…

get your booster club organized

Get your Booster Club Organized

By Lisa Tavares | June 19, 2020

Keeping a booster club organized and efficient when it is run solely by volunteers is difficult. Especially, when volunteers hold a position for only a year or two. There are typically multiple times in a year the treasurer needs to collect money. Except, many times the treasurer is not the…

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