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Withdraw Money from PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | October 4, 2018

Congratulations! Your PopUp is successful! Now it’s time to withdraw money from PopUp Funds. Once you are on your dashboard you can see how much money is available when you click on Account Info. This amount is the total available for ALL of your PopUps. From this page you can…

Creating A Successful PopUp Sale Online

By Lisa Tavares | September 28, 2018

We will help you create a successful PopUp sale online for your fundraising or craft sales. If you have been browsing the PopUp Funds website and think you are ready to create your own PopUp, but want just a little more information on how to create your successful PopUp sale…

How to sell items on PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | September 28, 2018

  Click here to read the blog post about setting up your PopUp .

Ten Items to Sell that are NOT T-shirts

By Lisa Tavares | September 21, 2018

All I hear from parents is, “Not another t-shirt”. Everyone is tired of buying t-shirts for fundraisers that no one will wear—they always seem to end up in the rag bin. Whether you are looking to raise money for a fundraiser or simply raise a little dough for your next…

Fundraisers that Build Community

By Lisa Tavares | September 14, 2018

School, church, and sports fundraisers can be tricky. People are getting tired of all of the stuff that is being sold. And while sometimes asking for a cash donation is a lot easier, that can start to annoy people as well. Fundraisers build community, so we came up with a…

Do’s and Don’ts for your Mastermind Group

By Lisa Tavares | September 7, 2018

  I’ve talked about what Mastermind is and how it has helped me build my business. Now let’s talk about a few do’s and don’ts for your mastermind group to help you get the most out of your time. DO Set a time limit for each person. Our group wavers…

What is Masterminds?

By Lisa Tavares | August 30, 2018

My business, PopUpFunds.com, didn’t just happen. I didn’t pitch ideas to investors, go through an incubator or even hire a development firm. I had a couple of people who are experts on a couple of things. The rest has been research, research, research and the mindset of, ‘just do it.’…

Supporting Local Businesses

By Lisa Tavares | August 22, 2018

You love to support local business. I love to support local business. For years, I would go down the block to a local mom and pop local business and buy all of my kids sports uniforms. Until last year. Big box online stores finally put him out of business. It…

Side Gig, Elevated!

By Lisa Tavares | August 17, 2018

There’s a difference between a side gig and a “job”. We all have those friends, the ones that have the special machine to make that special something. Of the one that knows a certain computer program and can create what you’ve been envisioning. They use their skills as a side…

boost your online sale

The Secret to Boost Your Online Sale (It’s not just the picture)

By Lisa Tavares | June 30, 2018

We all know the standard things that are needed when setting up an online sale: Photo Description Price Easy way to for people to pay 5 Ways to Boost online sales | popupfunds.com That’s it, right? Just throw that puppy up on Facebook, other social media, email blast it to…

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