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Fall Fundraisers and Get togethers

By Lisa Tavares | August 9, 2019

Fall is a wonderful time to host a fundraiser. The weather cools off and the kids are finally settled into their school schedule. To help you make the most of it, we’ve pulled together a few ideas for possible fall fundraising events or simplify to help you build a stronger…

Back to School Fees with PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | July 26, 2019

  While we are still enjoying the summer break, thoughts of the coming school year are creeping back in. For me, the most annoying part of the beginning of school isn’t my kids’ clothes or even their school supplies. It’s being asked for all the different beginning of school fees.…

How Small Organizations Can Use PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | July 12, 2019

  As a mom, I developed PopUp Funds to help me personally. I was in charge of different types of collections for different parts of my family’s lives, and I struggled to keep it all straight. Between little slips of paper with messy handwriting, envelopes filled with cash, spreadsheets, parents…

Using the Options Feature

By Lisa Tavares | June 28, 2019

,   There are many times when you are selling or collecting for an item, and you need to give buyers more than one option. It could be different colors, sizes, or even someone’s preference. Instead of having to create a new item for each variation, you can add same…

Summer Cooking Club

By Lisa Tavares | June 14, 2019

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to participate in clubs and fun activities with friends! One of the most popular summertime activities is cooking with friends. Starting a cooking club might sound difficult, but with the help of PopUp Funds, you can easily create an organized group. Instead…

Cover your PopUp Fees

By Lisa Tavares | May 31, 2019

What are PopUp Funds fees? Is a question that we get asked a lot! We do charge fees: 7.9% + $.45 per transaction to be exact. We have fees because we have to have money to eat, but more importantly to  keep PopUp Funds running and improving. As it turns…

Organizing a Girls Getaway

By Lisa Tavares | May 17, 2019

  Summer is just around the corner, which means planning vacations are top of mind! One of the best ways to keep up with college friends or grow closer to your school’s PTA group is to put together a fun girls getaway. Whether it is a quick overnight trip, or…

Creating Your Own Summer Camp

By Lisa Tavares | May 3, 2019

I always viewed summer as a fantastic time for my children to dive into something they love, particularly an interest or hobby they are unable to focus on during the school year. Usually, I am able to find a summer camp that fits the need. For example, this year I…

Using QR codes and Shortening URLs

By Lisa Tavares | April 19, 2019

Congratulations, you published a PopUp! Now you need to get the news out there. Typically, you will link to your PopUp on Facebook, email out the URL to those who need it, and/or text it to people. But there are still those people who aren’t as tech savvy and love…

Mini Photo Sessions Made Easier

By Lisa Tavares | March 22, 2019

Springtime is upon us, and each year I notice two things happen, fundraisers startup again, and moms who are really on top of thing taking family photos. I am NOT one of those moms. In fact, the only formal family photo we have taken was because it was a part…

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