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Raise money by customizing your popup

Raise Money by Customizing Your PopUp

By Lisa Tavares | March 27, 2020

  Moms, dads, and small group organizers love PopUp Funds because it is easy to create a storefront and start collecting money in just a few minutes from any computer or phone. To accomplish a quick set up, we have kept things very simple. Other websites have lots of really…

help your teen raise money

Summer Job Ideas for Entrepreneurial Teens

By Lisa Tavares | March 13, 2020

Summer is right around the corner and pretty soon your teen will have a lot of time on their hands. Help them tap into their entrepreneurial spirit by brainstorming a few ways that they can start a simple business.  We’ve come up with three summer job ideas for entrepreneurial teens…

Homeschool Co-Ops & PopUp Funds

Raise Money for Your Homeschool Group

By Lisa Tavares | February 28, 2020

  Whenever someone mentions homeschooling, lots of people think it means being stuck at home doing work out of a workbook without any socialization. But we know that’s not true. Homeschooling allows for flexibility and there are a million ways that parents and children are able to get out into the…

raise more money by giving all of the information needed

Give Information to Raise Money

By Lisa Tavares | February 14, 2020

  PopUp Funds can be used for so many different types of applications: fundraisers, money collection, donations, and selling goods and services are just a few examples. By far, the most popular way PopUp Funds is used is for raising money for school activities and school sales. Many users use…

Host an event for mothers and sons.

Host a Mother and Son Event

By Lisa Tavares | January 31, 2020

  Seeing all of the Father/Daughter dance photos posted on social media is always sweet. But as a mom of three boys, I’ve realized there are very few organized activities for moms to enjoy with their sons. It creates a wonderful opportunity to host a mother and son event and…

Create your first PopUp to collect and earn money online.

Creating your First PopUp

By Lisa Tavares | January 17, 2020

Creating your first PopUp takes just a few steps. Below is an outline of each step and a simple explanation. Along the way, there are links to articles that give more in-depth details. If you prefer videos, we also have a How-To section showing how to set up your first…

Pre-sell your book before the event with PopUp Funds.

How Self Publishing Authors Can Use PopUp Funds

By Lisa Tavares | January 3, 2020

  You did it! You completed your first book! There are so many people realizing their dream of writing a book and self-publishing makes it obtainable. Now that you have been published and have started your marketing campaign, you need a way to presell your books for readings or talks…

Fundraiser's for Valentine's Day with Popup Funds.

Fundraisers for Valentine’s Day

By Lisa Tavares | December 13, 2019

  After New Years, we all get a much-needed breather for a few weeks before the spring season of activities and holidays startup. This is the perfect time to decide how your group can create fundraisers for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate and greeting card companies make money on the holiday,…

helpful popup articles

Our Most POPular PopUp Posts

By Lisa Tavares | November 29, 2019

Over the past year, I have written several articles to help you raise money easily, organize fundraisers, and make sure that your PopUp is a success. Typically when people ask for advice or tips, I notice that I keep sending them the same links. So I decided it was time…

Collect orders and money for your football club quickly and easily.

Collect for Playoff Season T-shirts and More

By Lisa Tavares | November 15, 2019

Playoff season is here and it’s time to celebrate your little sports lover’s achievements. The most common way for all teams, even recreational teams, is to create and sell a playoff season or championship t-shirts. Selling t-shirts and adding additional items to the sale is an amazing way to allow your…

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