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Category: Fundraising

Use PopUp Funds to Collect Donations

PopUp Funds can be used for more than selling items or  group collections. You can use PopUp Funds to collect donations as well.

With just a few adjustments and the proper wording you can collect monetary donations and allow for your donors to keep the receipt for their records.

When creating the PopUp, make sure to include the reason why you are raising funds. It helps people feel more at ease knowing there is a purpose and it gives them a more personal investment in your group.  It can also be helpful if you clearly state how much the things you will buy or provide cost. That way a donor can feel like they have helped with something very specific. Ex: One band uniform cost $150. Or $50 pays for a band scholarship. Continue Reading…

Ten Items to Sell that are NOT T-shirts

10 Items to Sell Online and Make Money | PopUp Funds

All I hear from parents is, “Not another t-shirt”. Everyone is tired of buying t-shirts for fundraisers that no one will wear—they always seem to end up in the rag bin. Whether you are looking to raise money for a fundraiser or simply raise a little dough for your next family vacation, we’re here to help. We have come up with a list of 10 ideas for items you can sell online instead of t-shirts.

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Fundraisers that Build Community

School, church and sports fundraisers can be tricky. People are getting tired of all of the stuff that is being sold. And while sometimes asking for a cash donation is a lot easier, that can start to annoy people as well. Fundraisers build community, so we came up with a list of great ideas.

Figuring out a way to help create community at the same time as raising money is a great way to go. Your group gets the money they need and the donors feel like they were a part of something and hopefully had fun was well.

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