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Use PopUp Funds to Collect Donations

PopUp Funds can be used for more than selling items or  group collections. You can use PopUp Funds to collect donations as well.

With just a few adjustments and the proper wording you can collect monetary donations and allow for your donors to keep the receipt for their records.

When creating the PopUp, make sure to include the reason why you are raising funds. It helps people feel more at ease knowing there is a purpose and it gives them a more personal investment in your group.  It can also be helpful if you clearly state how much the things you will buy or provide cost. That way a donor can feel like they have helped with something very specific. Ex: One band uniform cost $150. Or $50 pays for a band scholarship. Continue Reading…

Understanding your PopUp dashboard

Understanding your PopUp dashboard is fairly straightforward.

We’ve worked hard on trying to make the dashboard as user friendly and simple as possible. Giving you lots of information in a concise format.

When you are on the main page of your dashboard you will see two main tabs, PopUps and Account Info. I go over the Account Info tab in another post here.

On this page you will see all of the PopUps you have created and how much each has made. This is NOT how much is in your Stripe account. To find that out you will need to click on the Account Info tab. From this page you can go straight to See PopUp, Edit your PopUp or End your PopUp.  If you PopUp has already ended, you can also open the PopUp back up with the Go Live! button that replaces the End button. Continue Reading…

Withdraw Money from PopUp Funds

Congratulations! Your PopUp is successful! Now it’s time to withdraw money from PopUp Funds.

Once you are on your dashboard you can see how much money is available when you click on Account Info. This amount is the total available for ALL of your PopUps. From this page you can withdraw money or click on the link to take a closer look at your Stripe account.

You have the ability to withdraw money at anytime. You do not need for a PopUp to have ended. Continue Reading…