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Tips to Make your PopUp a Success

I’ve seen lots of PopUps created on our platform. Most have been wildly successful, smashing their PopUp goal. But a few haven’t hit what they were hoping for. I’ve compiled a short list of tips to make your PopUp a success.


1. Make your description work for you

People don’t really read, they scroll and scan. Because of this, you need to draw your buyers attention to the important stuff.

We give you the ability to change the size and color of your text. Use this feature! If there is a really important sentence, highlight it. You can even change the alignment of the text to bring more attention to something. Using these simple tools and tricks, can make a difference!

2. Use fewer words

This one is hard, but like I said, people scan looking for what is important. Make what you say short and sweet but still full of information. Many times I write a description and then reread and delete filler words and extra information.

If your buyers don’t really need some of the information until they buy, then leave that information for the “thank you” section at the bottom. That way your aren’t cluttering up the PopUp description with detail that is only important after the purchase. And, those buyers are now able to easily access that information on their emailed receipt.

3. Give a deadline

Unless you give your buyers a reason to act, they won’t. Make sure you give them a deadline for your PopUp. Everyone puts things off until the very last minute so let your buyers know it is for a limited time, and they need to act now.

4. Give buyers time

Sending out a PopUp for an event or with a deadline of less than a week almost ensures that your PopUp will struggle. People need time, they need to think, give them a moment.  On the other hand, you also don’t want to give too much time. Creating a deadline is important and lets people know that this is something that won’t always be around. My favorite length for a PopUp is 2-3 weeks. Enough time for people to think about it, but not enough time for them to completely forget about it.

5. Promote, Promote, Promote!

No one will know about your PopUp unless you tell them about it! And even then, we recommend that you reach out a minimum of three times.

We are all bombarded with information 24/7 and so many things can get lost in the scroll. Just because someone didn’t go to your PopUp the first time you promoted it doesn’t mean they didn’t want to. There have been more times than I can count where I have posted almost daily about an event, and people still ask where the link is because they don’t want to have to go look for it. Make sure you don’t make them work to find you. Keep posting and promoting. It makes it a lot easier when your friend remembers and it is easy to find the link.

Also we suggest promoting your PopUp in more than one way, — emails, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, group text, ect. Be sure to include it on every social media channel your group uses.

Need more help setting up your PopUp? Check out our How-to video page or our How-to blog posts.

Volunteering for a group takes time. Save time by creating a PopUp.





Optimizing the Comment and Note to Seller Section on PopUp Funds

Creating a PopUp can be done in minutes. Making sure that you properly convey the message and receive the feedback needed can take a little extra thought. Here is are some ways to optimize the comment and note to seller sections of your PopUp.



While creating your PopUp make sure to maximize the PopUp description. It’s more than just a place to say what the PopUp is. It’s a way for you to give vital information.  Some things that might need to be included are:

  • Date and time if it is an event.
  • End date of the PopUp.
  • What information the buyer may need to give you.
  • What the PopUp is for.

Remember: The PopUp description is seen while the buyer is checking out for them to reference if needed.


In order for buyers to leave you a comment you need to turn on the comment ability. This is located at the end of your PopUp set up.  If you notice that you forgot to turn it on, you can easily go back to edit and fix it.

Buyers will be able to leave a comment when they check out. Don’t forget to remind them in your PopUp description that they will need to leave a comment when checking out. Buyers need LOTS of reminders.



You can see here, while a buyer is checking out: at the top is the PopUp description and below is the comment section



At the end of your PopUp creation, you can leave a note for all successful checkouts. This note will be seen on the summary page and also be emailed with the receipt.

This note can include:


Using this options is a great way to thank your buyer, along with giving them more information that may be needed but would have cluttered the PopUp description at the beginning.


Want to see our How-to videos? Click here.

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Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to try and save a little bit of that precious time you have.

How can PopUp Funds save you time? I’m glad you asked…



Large family or friend get togethers

When the holidays arrive, it is a chance for people to get together and see each other. Are you the one in charge and need to make sure that Cousin Jerry actually pays his share this year instead of, “Oh didn’t I pay you? I’m sure I did!”  Send a PopUp and get notified when people pay and they get a receipt. Easily showing when someone has or has not paid.

Selling your craft to pay for the holidays without starting a full time business

You love to make seasonal stuff but only want to make a batch and not turn your love into a full time gig. Make it easy, announce on social media that you are making your special something, collect your orders and then make and deliver them. DONE.

Holiday fundraisers

There are lots of great reasons to raise money over the winter months. Most people doing these good deeds aren’t attached to a big name foundations and don’t have a great way to collect for their group. PopUp Funds can make it easier for your local group to collect what you need. People can ‘purchase’ the need and then your group can use the money collected to buy and distribute. Or, you can also ask for monetary donations as well.

If you are a non-profit, check out how to give you donors a receipt that they can use for tax records.


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